Fan Page Domination Review and Bonus

Fan Page Domination Review
Fan Page Domination - Let’s start off by establishing that Free Traffic sources are usually a bad idea for several reasons.Fan Page Domination Review-compressed
Frees Sources of Traffic usually involve poor quality traffic
Free Sources of Traffic are usually Not Targeted
Free Sources of Traffic are usually Slow Acting
As a rule of thumb in on-line marketing anyone who trying to sell free traffic is probably not an honest business person & probably wasting your time.

I've personally always advised against seeking free ways of anything; the adage “ you get what you pay for” come to mind. This is especially true in on-line marketing. I never taught free traffic strategies to my students because this isn't the way to get the results you need when they're needed.

If you're honest here, you know you're looking through this article because you want ed your results yesterday.

You know I am right… and just because we are feeling intuitive I’d wager you've even tried a few of these free traffic ploys yourself, am I right?

I simply could not understand how this was supposed to be an effective way of accomplishing any marketing needs and knew my students would feel confused & frustrated if they were subjected to their testy methodologies. I've always been an advocate of the right way though hard, and knew my students would find better ways of getting to their goals by not approaching these “free traffic techniques”.

But then… I Found these methods almost by accident.

I began my first fan page merely as a hobby. It'd nothing to do with me or my personal interests & to the date no one know’s it's my page. So one specific advantage we can point out here is that new brand marketers have just as much of a shot as those who have been in the market for some time now. Who you are & where you have come from mean nothing in this market and this is why my BETA students used this tool so effectively.

This way has allowed me & my students to produce unprecedented quantities of on-line traffic and all from these carefully crafted platforms. And all for FREE! – which is nothing short of phenomenal.

This method allows you to build your business from the ground up because you cover all the bases needed for an online business to gain prominence.

What other ways are there to generate revenue?

The primary action here will be to collect an extensive mailing list when you do this. As I sit here completing this article I'm looking at an e-mail list 200,000 strong with numbers that are climbing ever higher by the day. And the best thing about this ios that this does not cost me cent. You'll see in this image hat my figures increased by 200 subscribers today alone.

So what are these numbers worth & when do the funds actually start coming in?

The important thing to remember is that if you were to attempt this same feat with the traditional ways the expenses would probably set you back around $0.50 to $1 per email subscriber to gain similar results.

And on this subject, never forget that a strong email list is the lifeblood of an effective email marketing campaign and the key long term profits over time. No one can take this list from you & you can market to your list for nothing at all. I teach on the subject of emaiñl marketing regularly and am well versed in the subject; it is also one of the main reasons I've been so successful at online marketing over the last decade.

The best thing about this methodology is that the e-mail list you generate is merely a by product of your core business goals of building brand awareness via your page & generating more profits via your thank you pages.

At the moment I'm generating over $4,000 a month in FREE MONEY collected from my Thank You pages and that shows that I have been paid $48,000 to generate this list of 205,747 subscribers and this figure is growing. What do you think about that? Then you have to consider what an email subscriber is actually worth to you once they have subscribed.

Here’s how to figure this out, most online marketing experts say (asn you may have heard this number before) each subscriber on your email list is worth about $1 each month. So now you are probably interested in how this can affect your marketing efforts.

Of course like anything else in life, there will be a few things to keep in mind before this can actually be effective. Before you go blazing your way through it you will need to know a few things.

How can you create content and posts with the potential to go viral?

What posts can be expected to generate the best traffic results?

How do you set your these pages to show your posts to each of your fans?

Fan Page Domination Review and Bonus – Conslusion

In this live training session Anthony will demonstrate a way he uses to build his own highly effective fan page domination review and bonus and you will be able to duplicate this process with your own settings.

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