What Is VidiFire?

What Is Vidifire ?

Vidifire review - But, things were not always this way…

When I first got started on-line, I struggled BIG TIME.

I wasted so much time and cash buying products that promised me the world but ended up being rehashed tactics & tools that stopped working years ago.

The only thing I got in exchange was thousands in credit card debt & a whole heap of embarrassment.

Then all the “gurus” started saying that I needed to be using video clip, so then I tried that too.

And guess what?
I ran into even more trouble… Vidifire
I’d spend WEEKS staring at a blank white screen because I could not figure out what I should say in my video or the way to write the script.

I HATED being on camera so much that my face would turn bright red & I would start stuttering over my own words whenever I stepped in front of the camera.

I’d a limited budget & did not have the extra cash to spend on a fancy camera or some silly studio lighting setup.

I’d ZERO tech skills & wasted even more time fiddling around with fancy “video makers” just trying to create a video clips that was not painful to look at.

AND, I even tried selling Vidifire to other businesses but all they did was laugh at my horrible looking video clips

My friends & family saw me struggling & would always tell me to “come back down to reality” and to “stick w/ my day job”

...like a “normal” person.

So, I totally know what it feels like to not only struggle on-line, but the stress & embarrassment that comes w/ it.

But, I was completely DESPERATE & was willing to do anything to make video clip work for me.

I wanted the FREEDOM these so called “gurus” were promising, that kept eluding me.

And yes, I wanted the six figure income, the exotic cars, and fancy vacations too.

Then 1 day everything changed for me in an INSTANT Vidifire...

What Can You Get From VidiFire?

Vidifire review - Despite the way bad you might be struggling (like I was)...

I am here to tell you that there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

The turning point for me came when I was fortunate enough to meet a mentor who showed me a few tweaks to make to the way I was making my video clips.

He revealed a “four Part Framework” that he promised me would turn complete strangers from a random video viewer into a paying customer in under 20 mins.

I took his advice and used it to create my next videoclip...and Vidifire!

$20,229 in Sales in the First ten Days!

But, maybe I got lucky.

So, a month later I tried it again…

$29,564 in Sales in seven Days!

It was around this time when other “huge name” marketers I used to look up to started to notice my video clips & the results they were getting me.

Soon I’d some of the biggest names in the industry private messaging me asking if they’d hire me to make the video clips for their next big release or promotion!

Here is what people think of my previous (and less powerful) video trainings...

Peter is the REAL DEAL. How do I know? Because he has hired me to do some of his voice-overs for all the clients he has to Vidifire."

What Are The Awesome Features Of VidiFire ?

Todd Gross

Peter, you have done Vidifire again! I have been looking through the course and I’ve to say that even EXPECTING great things from you, I am IMPRESSED!"

Bertram Heath Sr.

I’ve picked up lots of tips Peter has never shown me, even though we have been working together for years!"

Jamie Garside

You truly left me speechless with this package...the quality is way beyond what I expected. Keep up the momentum."

Ron G.

Way to OVER-Deliver Peter. You really should be charging $997.00 for this information, I've seen people charge upwards of $2,995 for what you're teaching.”

Anthony Aires

Peter's Video Creation products are simply a MUST HAVE. By Far the Most Complete & Well Taught Video Creation Course available... You’d pay Hundreds for this quality & content anyplace else. Peter walks the walk, he's been using video successfully for Vidifire .”

Nick Mancuso

And you know the craziest part?

Because of the “4 Part Framework”, I was able to get these results WITHOUT:

Wasting WEEKS of my life just writing scripts for these video clips.

I was able to knock out profit pulling video scripts in under 50 mins without banging my head against the computer screen...

Being on camera, unless I actually wanted to.

Most of the time it was just my voice or my client’s voice speaking over a series of simple Power Point slides..

Any fancy equipment.

I used my smartphone & inexpensive or FREE tool to make most of the Vidifire

Any crazy video editing or tech skills.

I figured out the way to find talented video editors to edit my video clips for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.

Spending a dime on advertising to get customers.

Because of the way I leveraged the “four Part Framework” to brand myself, customers were COMING TO ME...not the other way around. I NEVER had to “beg” for business or hunt for Vidifire.

So, how does the “four Part Framework” work & why is it 100x BETTER than other video selling methods?

In simplest terms, it’s a four step process that tells you EXACTLY what to say in your video clips and HOW to say it to break through the noise, command attention & convert complete strangers into buyers...repeatedly.

They do this by borrowing PROVEN storytelling tactics used by the TV and Film Industry to keep the mass market GLUED to their seats and TV screens, waiting to see what happens next.

These guys have MASTERED the art of grabbing attention of an audience & KEEPING them hooked until the very end.

The “four Step Framework” taps into these same strategies & uses them to tell the story of their business in a way that Vidifire

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